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Club Information

Pendle & District Model Car Club is the premier club in the country for racing radio controlled 1/8th scale Rallycross cars.

Our complex at Lomeshaye Way in Nelson is acknowledged to be the finest of its kind available anywhere in the UK. The drivers' rostrum is a permanent structure with a roof and has been specially designed to accommodate drivers who are confined to wheelchairs. (The only one to do so in the UK).

The Club is a Members Club i.e. it is totally independent of any other organization/company and has a Committee consisting of a Chairman/Treasurer, a Secretary and four driver representatives who are all elected annually.

The Club is pleased to be affiliated to the British Radio Car Association.

Members driving abilities cover the entire range from complete beginners to top experts. Some members compete at the World and the European Championships as well as National events.  Beginners are given advice/tuition/assistance to help them with car preparation and driving.

The Club's Track is situated off Lomeshaye Way, Nelson, BB9 7AF in the heart of Pendle Witch Country. Hence the Club Logo is a witch riding on a Rallycross Car at full moon.

The cars are 1/8th scale, 4WD and race on off road tracks. They are powered by 3.5 cc glo engines producing around 2 b.h.p. giving them a top speed of 60 mph and an ability to reach this speed in 3 seconds or so. Considerable skill is required to drive these cars competitively and races prove popular with spectators.

A typical Club meeting consists of four or five rounds of 6-minute heats and a number of 22 minute finals. Automatic computer controlled lap-counting facilities combined with the BBK race programme are used for race control purposes. Each driver's best two times from these rounds determines which final they race in. The top three drivers in each of the lower finals progress to the higher final. Drivers score points at each meeting based upon their finishing position in their final and these count towards the Club's season championship.

In 1994 the Club hosted the European Championships, which were generally acclaimed to be the best ever held to date.

Pendle and District Model Car Club members, David Crompton and Ryan Donovan, won the 1999 BRCA Rallycross National and Clubmans Championships respectively. David Crompton was also National Champion in 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. 2005 and 2006. The Club is proud to point out that 13 of the last 16 National Championship winners have been members of Pendle and District Model Car Club. The message is quite clear to Rallycross Drivers, Pendle's challenging and varied track layouts provide you with all the track experience you need to reach the top!!!