Pre booking allows us to process all racing more efficient on race day morning. It DOES NOT guarantee you a place at a race meet. You will still have to come to booking in on the morning of the race meeting to pay and to let the officials know you have turned up.

If you make a mistake in your entry or wish to be removed from the list please contact a committee member or visit the forum and let a member of the moderation staff know and a member of the web administration team will amend the details accordingly.

If you do not have a transponder number please specify "club" for use of the clubs transponders on race day.

To help us out and order the right amount of food, if you would like to prebook a special order please do so here or leave as None. Prebooking food ends 2pm before the day of the race.

HB Racing Summer Series Rd 8 (Sunday September 13 2020)
Special orders for lunch (12:30pm - 1pm)