Pendle & District Model Car Club is affiliated with the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) and as such, club members are asked to abide by both the BRCA handbook and PDMCC rules.


To promote the construction and racing of radio controlled model cars.
To provide a top quality track facility for the use of radio control model car enthusiasts.



The officers shall consist of the following:-

  • Chairman

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer (this post may be combined with one of the above)

  • 2-4 Driver Representatives


The Committee shall consist of all the above officers.


All matters relating to the expenditure of Club funds shall be referred to the Club’s Treasurer. The Treasurer shall make an annual financial statement to the AGM.


Membership shall be open to all within the following categories:-

  • Senior – 16 and over

  • Junior – under 16 on 1st January

Members shall uphold the Club rules and support the Club’s Officials on race days.


Membership and Race fees shall be reviewed and fixed at the Annual General Meeting.


Members shall not receive payment for their services beyond reimbursement of necessary expenses.


The Committee shall arrange adequate insurance cover for public liability and third party risks at all club activities.


This is a requirement for the Club and all race competitors.


The AGM shall be held each year at the first available race meeting in September.
Proposals shall be decided by a straight majority vote of those Members present.



In the event of the Club disbanding, all the Club’s assets shall be sold, and the proceeds donated to one or more charities of the Committee’s choice.


The Club is a driver’s club and in order to survive relies on a co-operative approach from all members, particularly in relation to the smooth running and administration of the race meetings. With this in mind the following extracts from the Club’s rules relating to each driver’s responsibilities are reproduced below for the benefit of all concerned.

  • To ensure that their pitting area is left free of litter at the end of the meeting preferably by taking their litter home.

  • To assist with the setting out of the track and race control.

  • To marshal the heat following their own heat, wearing the safety vest provided and at the post which corresponds with their own race number.

  • To remain at the meeting to fulfil their obligation to marshal at least until the end of qualifying.

  • Drivers who leave the meeting at the end of qualifying must inform Race Control accordingly before leaving

  • All drivers competing in a final must remain until the end of the meeting to fulfil their obligations to marshal and to assist with packing up the track and race control upon completion of racing.


The club will schedule a number of rounds for 2 seasons every year, a summer season, usually from April through to October and  a winter season from October through to April of the new year.

The club may present several championships within one season:

  • Open Championship - for any racer that competes at the club and may be sponsored or unsponsored.

  • Clubman Championship - for PDMCC club members only, that are not 'A' drive sponsored drivers.

  • Junior Clubman Championship - for PDMCC club members that are 16 years of age or under.

The number of rounds scheduled shall usually be 12 to 15 rounds depending upon available dates and on a 2 to 3 week cycle.

In the event of the club being unable to run a scheduled event, the round will be either rescheduled or cancelled entirely, reducing the the total number of rounds for the championship.
75% of the total number of rounds shall count towards the championship. Therefore the following number of rounds will count towards the championship:

  • 15 rounds, 12 rounds to count.

  • 14 rounds, 11 rounds to count.

  • 13 rounds, 10 rounds to count.

  • 12 rounds, 9 rounds to count.

  • 11 rounds, 9 rounds to count.

  • 10 rounds, 8 rounds to count.

  • 9 rounds, 7 rounds to count.

  • 8 rounds, 6 rounds to count.

  • 7 rounds, 6 rounds to count.

  • 6 rounds, 5 rounds to count.

  • 5 rounds, 4 rounds to count.

  • 4 rounds, 3 rounds to count.

The points allocated to each round are based on each competitors overall finishing position in that round.

This starts with 101 points for a overall win in the A final, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd, 97 for 4th etc.
1 point is also allocated for the Top Qualifier (TQ) of the day, therefore the maximum achievable points from one round is 102 points for TQ and an overall win.
Tied championship positions shall be decided by the number of 1st, 2nd etc places as may be required.