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What to expect from a day at PDMCC

Open for business.
The track gates usually open at 7:30am for racers to turn up
(please check the latest race booking page to ensure you have the correct time as it is subject to change).


New to racing
If you have never been to a race event it may be wise to turn up at one of the meetings to get a feel for how it is run and the procedures so that you know what to expect the next time when you turn up to race.


Setting up
We would appreciate it if you could help prepare the rostrum, pit lane and pitting area for racing before setting up your own equipment to get racing underway as soon as possible.

Booking In
Booking in is called where each racer must make his /her way to the rostrum to sign in for the days action and pay any fees applicable.


Drivers Meeting
Racers will be called to the rostrum for a brief drivers meeting outlining the days events.


The track will be opened for around 30 mins of practice time before the racing begins.


Heat/Results Listings
On the pitting side of the rostrum the days heats and results listings will be presented outlining how many heats there will be and the car number of each person racing. The results sheet for every race will be placed on this board.


6 Min Heats.
Each heat of racing is 6 minutes and PDMCC operates a rolling start system for racing heats. Essentially its an individually timed 6 minutes to see how many laps you can get within those 6 minutes. Laps are timed using the AMB transponder system.


For those of you who don't have their own personal transponder the club has a limited number of these, which can be loaned for the day at a cost of £5 each. In addition, you may be asked to leave some surety by race control when taking the transponder. Please make race control aware that you wish to hire one as soon as possible in the morning, preferably before booking in starts. You must return the hired transponder when you have finished racing for the day and certainly before leaving the track.


After you have raced your heat you must immediately go out and marshal against the same number post to which you were driving. Please get out to marshal as soon as possible so the next heat can get underway.


After Round
After the round has finished the positions of every driver will be listed on the heats/results board for the round.


The day proceeds with 3-5 rounds of qualifying rounds depending on the time of year and daylight available.


After all rounds have been done the Final listing will go on the board and the finals will be raced. Everyone races a final unless your car is unable to continue. Each final is normally 22 minutes in length (requiring fuel stops).


Pack Away
Once all finals have been raced it is appreciated if
all racers can help with putting away of the track equipment. 


Happy Racing!