Annual Club Membership Fees are £30 for adults and £20 for under 16's

Joining the club is not a requirement but it does have benefits.
Firstly you will be able to race at the reduced price for Seniors of £10 instead of £12 for non members, Juniors of £8 instead of £10 for non members.

You will also receive points towards the championships we run over summer and winter. The championship standings are published on our website along with the in depth race results.


Your money goes towards the running and maintenance of the track and its facilities. 

 It is also appreciated if both members and non members can lend a hand with the upkeep of the track on designated track work days details of which will be posted on the forum as they occur.

A small quantity of Transponders are available for hire at cost £5.00 for the day if required.

If you are new to the sport and not a member of the BRCA (British Radio Car Association) you can race three times at the club without BRCA membership, BRCA membership is then required and is available via BRCA direct at a cost of £20 per year.

Due to new BRCA rules for 2018 anyone that's is helping in the pits/marshalling etc but are not driving will require a BRCA Non-Driving Membership at a cost of £10

BRCA Membership Form can be found here:

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